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Game of Thrones - 3x03

Game of Who
↳ “When a good man goes to war”

Life is not a song

It’s just hard to realize he won’t write to me again. -HP&HBP

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I’m SO sorry for the lack of update

I wanna post season two stuff but I don’t know where to get the caps from. Anyone know?

Opening Scenes | Episode 9 & 10 | Season 1 Game of Thrones

Benjen Stark 1.02 - The Kingsroad - Game of Thrones

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Requested Graphics

I’m sorry! They might take a while. I did not expect that many, but I will get them done hopefully by the end of this year month.


Beauty and the Beast - SanSan Edition - ship requested by busterbrown20


Beauty and the Beast - SanSan Edition - ship requested by busterbrown20

Ned Stark asked his daughter, Sansa, what gift she desired from his venture. She asked for a simple rose. After getting lost in a forest and receiving a gesture of food and hospitality, he wandered to the rose bush where he remembered his daughter’s request. He picked out the loveliest of the roses, but was confronted by a hideous beast, who allowed the merchant to take it and all he asked in return was that he or his daughter should return. She volunteered, after seeing how scared her father was the first time she not wish to put him through that ordeal a second time. She travelled alone, following her fathers directions and braced her self for what lay before her. However, the sight of the beast did not trouble her. All she felt was pity and wonder. For many weeks The Beast and Sansa enjoyed each others company. And every night he asked her to marry him. She claimed that she did not love him and declined every time. One night she dreamt that her father was gravely ill and begged The Beast to let her visit him. He reluctantly agreed on the condition that she would return in one week. 

Sansa nursed her father back to health and stayed a little while longer, thinking that The Beast would not mind. On the contrary, he was heart broken that she would never return to him and was on his death bed. Sansa had a horrible dream that The Beast had died and told her father that she must go to the beast at once. However, when she got to his castle, she could not find him anywhere. Sansa finally found him lying in the yard barely alive. “Oh my poor Beast.” She held his body and she her tears dampened his clothes. “I am sorry I didn’t come sooner. Oh please Beast come back to me.” She continued to weeped onto his chest and lay there a while. “I do love you! I do!.” She proclaimed. The Beast did not stir. Overcome with grief, Sansa looked out the balcony. 

"Sansa." She heard a familiar rough voice behind her. She spun around,"Oh Beast! You’re alive!" He took out a kerchief and wiped her tears. "My name is Sandor." He gave her a little smile. She smiled back in astonishment realised that she never did ask his name. "Oh I am sorry," Sansa blushed. 

"I missed you." He shyly professed. In reply she knew what exactly what she wanted to say. "Oh Sandor, I will marry you! I will!" The beast stood, a little surprised. He smiled once more at which Sansa jumped up into his arms and embraced him.